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Maddie Dougall, LMT

Maddie hails from rural Australia. She found herself amongst the mountains in Telluride back in 2014. After falling in love with the community and the canyon that cradles it, Maddie devoted herself to giving back and moved to Boulder, CO to pursue Massage Therapy.

She has since graduated from The Boulder Massage Therapy Institute with specialties including; Remedial and Sports Massage, Myofascial and Structural Integration, Hot stones and Prenatal. Maddie is also a certified personal trainer and enjoys incorporating the skills and knowledge of both fields to facilitate relaxation, pain relief and steps towards a more fulfilling life for her clients.

When not at work in the studio, Maddie loves to play at Fuel gym, Mangala Yoga, on the trails and on the slopes. She is an avid surfer who loves the ocean and gets her fix when needed. The most fulfilling aspect of Massage Therapy for Maddie is to see her clients pursue the very things they love, without body aches and pains and with a full heart.

Telluride Massage

Specialties: Remedial Sports Massage, Myofascial & Structural Integration, Prenatal, Massage Cupping

Massage Pricing

60mins $100

75mins $120 (save $5)

90mins $140 (save $10)

120mins $180 (save $20)

Wellness Packages

3x 60mins $240 (save $60!)

3x 75mins $288 (save $72!)

3x 90mins $336 (save $84!)

3x 120mins $432 (save $108!)

Add Massage Cupping $30

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  • I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse Madalynne Dougall as a massage therapist. I have included regular massage therapy as part of my overall health regimen for several decades now and must confess to having fairly high standards with regards to massage practitioners. Madalynne (Maddie) was my therapist prior to her recent relocation to Telluride. She is an exceptionally gifted massage therapist. Maddie has an extremely high degree of intuitive ability, a broad range of techniques, and tremendous stamina. She is also very responsible, and consistently dependable in showing up on time for our sessions. In addition, Maddie has a knack for suggesting and teaching appropriate stretches, to address problem areas identified during an appointment. Maddie has a gentle, compassionate spirit, and is very passionate about her craft. I miss having her as my massage therapist. I know she will have an extremely successful career, and I recommend her without reservation.

    Wade Grindle MD
  • Maddie’s massage is intuitive, therapeutic, and flowing. I always leave feeling better in my body, and I really appreciate Maddie's joyful vibe!

    Jessica Kinney
  • We have been biking and hiking in Telluride and have the knots to prove it. I got a 90-minute massage from Maddie. O em gee!!  She is from Australia and just a doll. I have had many, many massages in my 61 years and I will tell you. THIS WAS THE VERY BEST!  She is knowledgeable of the body. I have had a nagging hip muscle pull for months and she identified it and worked on it. Wow, feels so much better.  I wish she lived in my home town, I would have a weekly session. Yes, she's that good.

    Nicole C.
  • Maddie is amazing!! She listens and is very in tune with her clients. She finds things and is able to fix and correct discomfort and problem areas. She has a wonderful connection with her clients and an amazing passion for what she does! I am someone who has had many massages, from many different people, and even at some incredible spas, but none pale in comparison to Maddie. She is amazing and not only offers a relaxing massage, but integrative approaches to wellness, such as stretches and exercises that offer relief outside of the massage studio. Maddie's a natural at what she does, and will offer an experience beyond anything you've had before. I highly recommend going to see her now, before she becomes to busy to book any new clients!

    Daniel D
  • Maddie has the perfect touch for my muscles that need a mix of soft and deep massaging. Her space feels exceptionally cozy and safe. I did not think that I was a "massage person" but I am already looking forward to my next appointment with her! She is super knowledgable about anatomy and I trust her a lot. Her kindness radiated throughout the whole session and I would highly recommend booking an appointment.

    Lauren M.
  • I came to Maddie with intense leg pain caused by sciatica.  I was hobbling around Telluride and it was seriously impacting our mini-vacation.  Maddie was great.  She knew exactly what I was talking about and where to focus.  She explained areas of my body that were exceptionally tight and gave me a couple of exercises to help.  If I lived in Telluride I would be a regular client.

    Candy B.
  • I have been on a weekly massage regime for some time now and my massage with Maddie was the best I have ever had. Her studio is super cozy and accessible in Telluride, right on main street. Her on-boarding and questionnaire were very intuitive, she sought out problem areas and their correlating muscles and junctions with impressive accuracy and bodily knowledge, and she has great flow! Thank you for the bliss!

    I am looking forward to maintaining a weekly appointment with her.

    Paul C.

Personal Training



1 session           $125

5 sessions         $500

10 sessions       $900

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